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Photos - Places > England > Cambridgeshire > Anglesey Abbey

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Anglesey Abbey [Statistics]

30 October 2005

Alley of trees
Alley of trees
Group of bushes
Lesser red bush
Hedge, bench and statue
Red-leafed tree
Greater red bush
Greater red bush
Line of trees
A slightly creepy corner of the gardens
Bit of tree
Quy Water, near the Mill

12 February 2005

Winter garden
Plants in winter garden
Grass of some sort
Slender trunk
Lode Mill through trees
Lode Mill and Quy Water
The Abbey, and flowers
Snowdrops on a slope
Snowdrops and branches
Snowdrops and a tree
Snowdrops beneath a tree
Crescent of snowdrops
Snowdrops and dead leaves
Snowdrops - up close

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