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Poetry-related things.

UK Poetry Magazines

These pages were created years ago and are probably woefully out of date.


Thoughts on some poets.


These reviews were written for various competitions, a long time ago. I didn't win a prize in any of them.

Own Efforts

  • Poems that I've had published, plus a few that I haven't.


Lost to the human current,
    off work in midsummer,
        being escorted by train
across a baking country
    of weak receded rivers,
        expanses of primed grain

and plague-silent small towns,
    at each of which a stone
        evacuated station
phlegmatically awaited
    the machine's slow and half-
        somnolent impregnation,

I watched how, at one stop,
    deep inland, the roof
        of the platform, made of glass,
was buffeted by a butterfly,
    sun-seeking, baffled as
        to what it couldn't pass —

as though in that gaunt arena
    man had wrought his spell,
       unthinking that between
nature and nature it came —
    nature whose opacity
        he'd cursed, then left the scene.

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