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The basis of optimism is sheer terror.
Oscar Wilde




East Norfolk
Heading out to sea
North Norfolk

Recent News


Guest review: Die Hauptstadt by Robert Menasse 4

"At least two major German-language writers have written extensively about the European Union. One is the poet, essayist and occasional novelist Hans Magnus Enzensberger, probably best known outside Germany for his writing on the media and his coinage "consciousness industry" to describe them..." More


A review of The Unexpected Professor by John Carey 4

"John Carey is a literary polemicist, a grammar school-educated Oxford don whose bête noires are academic and intellectual elistism. In his career as an English Professor at various Oxford colleges, he put his money where his mouth was, actively soliciting undergraduate applications from state schools, fighting to get the English curriculum updated to include more modern literature, and (as chair of a pan-University board) attempting to bring in line colleagues who refused to lecture on anything but their pet subjects..." More



Lee Valley Olympic whitewater course


  • A review of What's for Tea? by Claudia Hunt - a German book about English. 3

    "A book in German, for Germans, about English. Claudia Hunt spent fourteen years in the UK, and here educates her compatriots in the nuances of English idiom - "English as you didn't learn it at school" is the book's German subtitle..." More

  • Photos.
Jewish genocide memorial
A photographic raid on West Suffolk



The cliffs from the promenade
Kayak surfing for dummies


  • A review of Master and Commander by Patrick O'Brian. 4

    "Patrick O'Brian wrote twenty novels featuring Jack Aubrey, an English sea captain in the Napoleonic Wars, and his ship's surgeon Stephen Maturin. The novels were slow to find a readership, but are now widely regarded as among the best historical novels in the English language..." More

  • For the first time, a guest review - of Vernon Subutex, Part 1 by Virginie Despentes. 3

    "Having read on the German cultural website that Virginie Despentes is the author frequently regarded as capturing the reality of contemporary France, I managed on a recent visit to find the volume named above in the bookshop at Marseille Airport. The back cover of the Livre de Poche edition I bought even makes an implicit comparison with Balzac by taking about a "comédie inhumaine"..." More



Truly, a woodnook
The sun briefly comes out
Cruising the River Washburn



Wellerbrücke - home to the Sickline championship for mad kayaking
Getting warm and wet in the Austrian Alps
Come-down Monday - stand-up paddleboarding on the Cam



The world through a gin and tonic

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