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I was bright. Oh, maybe not academically speaking, but I was perceptive. I always know when someone's uncomfortable at a party.
George Costanza, 'Seinfeld'



  • A compilation of splashings at the Lee Valley Olympic white water course
  • A review of Cathedral by Raymond Carver 4

    "This collection of short stories saw Carver's transition to his mature style. His protagonists have arrived in the middle of life with the sense that their best years are behind them: trapped in boring marriages, alchoholic, or smoking too much weed, they spend their days wondering whether anything better lies beyond the disappointment of their current predicaments..." More

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Christ's Pieces
Ashton Memorial
Old photos from October 1989 to June 1990


  • Do you want to know about my kayaks? Of course you do.
  • Photos.
The Norman tower and the cathedral poke above the rooftops
Suffolk photo roundup


A review of Homo Faber by Max Frisch 4

"Swiss writer Max Frisch is best known in the Anglophone world for his plays Andorra and Biedermann und die Brandstifter (The Fireraisers). Both plays deal with themes of self-deception, complacency and guilt; they portray communities and individuals that "allow things to happen", much as, to critical eyes, Switzerland sat back comfortably through history, making money, while wars raged around it..." More



The quarry
An abortive paddling trip to Wales :(
A rear-view lap of the Olympic course



Queens' Lane
Paddling the Inn
Paddling in the Alps/European road trip
East Cambridgeshire


  • A review of Michael Palin's first volume of diaries 4
  • "These diaries largely consolidate Michael Palin's status as the "Nice One" among the Monty Python's Flying Circus crew. When there were disagreements and tensions, it was he who stepped in as mediator, and he took up more than his share of the slack left by his less reliable co-stars - in particular Graham Chapman, John Cleese and Eric Idle..." More

  • A guest review of The Bridge over the Drina by Ivo Andrić 4

    "If asked to name a winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature it seems unlikely that many, at least in western Europe and North America, would immediately come up with the name of Ivo Andrić, the 1961 laureate. This is unfortunate, not just for literary reasons, but also because, as a recent biography by the German journalist Michael Martens shows, his other life in politics was extremely remarkable, even by the standards of the twentieth century..." More

  • A guest review of Le Rapport de Brodeck by Philippe Claudel 3

    "On the evidence of numerous recent books and films, Germany and especially the Nazi era remain an important subject for French writers and film makers. One example is the 2009 television series Un village français which depicts life in a northern village under the German Occupation..." More

  • Photos.
Old photos from the summer of 1989



Rowan tree
Bouncing off something
Cruisin' the Washburn



King of cats
A squirrel hits the jackpot in Lammas Land car park
Dusk descends on the baking hot day
Paddling at Lee Valley on the hottest day on record!


  • A review of Notes from a Big Country by Bill Bryson 4

    "I suppose an author must be doing something right for me to read three of his books back to back. Notes from a Big Country is a compendium of Bryson's columns for the Mail on Sunday magazine that he wrote after his move back to the States in 1995..." More

  • Photos.
Copse and farm
Cycling to the county's edge - and beyond!
The strange walkway beneath the railway bridge
They can't keep me away - triaging a cycle route to work, on a Sunday

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